Art by David Abbott.

Becoming Truitt Skye

This extraordinary novel was born from my desire--my deep desire--to reconcile the world of the soul with the world of the physical. When I say physical, I mean, physics-of-all. Yes, as in the kinetic energy that gives us movement, bodies, things, in other words, matter. There is energy and there is matter. Matter only matters, or becomes, when energy is applied. Not to get too far out there, though I truly love to, I was compelled to create a story about the inner-ness of us as the lead for the outer-ness of us. Are they linked? You know they are, but how? Is everything we believe really possible? Every dream, every desire? And if so, how does it come to be? Take this journey with the beloved Truitt Skye as she discovers what it means to become who she really is. From the soul up.

The story starts in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where Truitt was born into my imagination. She started as Maddie Swan, I think. Madeline. But as I began to develop her, she became Truitt. I spend months, sometimes years, on a character. I wonder about them as I walk through the woods, in parks, as I stare at the ceiling when I wake, when I dream. Who is she? What is her most important trait? What makes her, her? For Truitt, her single most redeeming trait, is loyal friend. And so, as the process often goes, the most loyal friend I had ever met came to mind. It wasn't a friend of mine. It was my grandfather's best friend, Truitt Gore, who entered my soul. I remember so vividly these two men lighting up at the sight of the other. Truitt was a big, big man with enormous hands. I can see them shaking hands above my head as I type this. They would talk for hours. I listened with every cell. Something about their energy told me everything. And that is exactly how I feel about Truitt Skye. Friendship, loyal and true, is a critical theme in this novel series. For we are the company we keep. For better,  for worse, we are all inextricably linked.

The world of Truitt Skye, called The City on the Sea, is a world of souls. It is a world where souls are formed, mended, trained and forgiven. It is a place that is here to serve our world, our souls. The Wish Listeners are always listening. You are always heard, answered and beloved. For the world of souls only grows from the world below. Come along, will you? Truitt and her world are waiting just for you. So much to share, so much to show, all for you, and only for you to know.

Art by David Abbott.


Philian Hazel Dearborn. She is a woman to meet. She's unexpected and refreshing. She's a pain in the ass. I love her. I'm so happy she arrived in my life. In this screenplay, I dive into the dynamics of family, specifically father and daughter. A richness emerged as I considered sibling love and the role of wives and mothers. Throughout the piece, I question how we treat each other and how we see, or don't see, each other within our most vital tribe: our own family. It is a story of letting go--not because we want to or know how to, but because we must in order to move forward with our lives. We have to drop patterns. We have to forgive. We have to see each other in the present and future, not in the past.

This was no easy piece to write. Family is sacred. Family is messy. Family is consuming. Family is liberating. Family is the framework from which we are formed, but what we become is made from our choices. Family drives those choices. Often the choices are made from rebellion and sadly, betrayal from within our own kin. We long to NOT be like our parents and our sibs. Yet, we equally long to be with them, to be accepted by them, to know, above all else, family comes first. And when it doesn't, it rocks us to our core. But that rocking is what we need.

In this story, Philian Dearborn is thrust into caring for her nieces after her brother and sister-in-law are killed in an accident. Philian feels responsible for the situation because they were en route to her beginning again in France with a man she waited to be with for twenty years. Deep in grief and savage guilt, Philian's father decides she is unfit and fights to win custody of the girls. Philian, a life coach, the go-to-gal on all things self-love, faces the one challenge she may not win, loving herself enough to overcome the one person she is most like, her father.

Art by David Abbott.


This is a love story. Charlie "Chaz" Westerly is the hottest chef in the Napa Valley. Born and bred to the aristocracy of San Francisco, he was supposed to be a lawyer, like all the Westerly men, serve his city in government, perhaps as a judge, maybe mayor, but instead he became, "a cook". And now he is in way over his head with his new restaurant, Fresh, which has been financed from an ex-lover, who is half his age. Tasked with creating an intimate dining experience, Chaz, goes a wee erotic, by converting a barn into room of futons with wait staff in lingerie. Needless to say, his ex is unimpressed. He's got six weeks to fix it, or she wants her $8 million back, in cash or she'll take his other restaurants.

Forced to acquiesce to the suggestion of his best friend and business partner, Charlie requests a meal prepared by the reluctantly famous, Magdalena Skye. Lena is well known and worshiped for her ability to transform not only food, but the entire lives of her guests. She creates intimacy by her very presences and does not tolerate interruptions. Until Charlie Westerly calls.

But Charlie isn'tthere for partnership, much less love. He wants to steal everything she is and does. That is until she does that thing she does and Charlie Westerly stands no chance. And, neither does Lena.

It's a fun story set in the exquisite Wine Country of California. It teaches us about food and love and dedication. As with all my stories, it is about how we grow when faced with the challenges and obstacles we create for ourselves, accidentally, and seemingly unconsciously. It's about letting go of old patterns and beliefs to become who we really are. It is about friendship and love, two of my most favorite things. I can't wait to share it with you! More details soon!