Interviews and Features

I absolutely L O V E to talk about what I do as a writer, story creator and liver of a writerly life.

Please send me a note if you want to hang out and chat. It would be my honor and I promise we will have a great time!


Soul-Fueled CEO Podcast with Amber Lilyestrom

Oh was this a blast! Amber is one of my dear clients and dear friends! We had a great chat about my projects and musings and also a great insight that everyone really oughta know about themselves. I don't make that kind of claim lightly. At all. Ever. It's a good one and it's easy!

Creative Living podcast with Jamie Ridler

This is a Podcast interview I did with the extraordinary Jamie Ridler on Living a Writerly Life. We talk about creating that dream life you absolutely can have! Thank you, Jamie!


Julia Luckett

I'm not a huge fan of having my portraits taken but I do love to walk in the woods and chat about story! Here's a lovely short piece of just that!