Thank you. Thank you.

I believe in letting people know how much I love and appreciate them. Not because I think I may lose them or because I hope for something in exchange. It is because my relationships  ask me to blossom, grow, and become more of who I  want to be. Among others, I fill with strength, passion, and unending love. Without everyone, there is no me. This is the beauty of life, something I don't take for granted.

My beloved literary agent and partner in Storyteller Ink, a company we co-founded to provide writers a genuine place for support, accountability and guidance with story as that they can write that book they've been wanting to write! She is my first reader, which I cherish. She holds me in her beyond capable heart as I write and face life challenges along the way.  She handles all the busy-ness which grace and enthusiasm... submissions, rejections, finding partners for my work, connecting me with exactly who I need, when I need them. She loves my stories. This is not something I take lightly. It is the most valuable thing a writer can have in an agent. She represents me to others, to important others, to others who want to invest in me and work with me. I trust her. T r u s t. This is no small word, my friends. We work as one. I am grateful for you, Anjanette. Thank you for being in my life. I would not be nearly as interested in it without YOU!

Scott and Sappho Wolfram

My spirit team. My soul team. Oh. My. My heart pours open to them so often and so fully. These two people have been with me on my journey, GUIDING me and talking me off the EDGE, for nearly two decades. I honor them. I cherish them. I share them with you because they are the richness that is life. Thank you, my friends. I so love being on this ride with you. I can't imagine anything else. Whew. I'm weeping. xo

Jamie Ridler

My creativity guru, I bow to you. I tend to be empirical. Not just in my approach to my work and, ahem, the spiritual stuff, but I get all facts and figures in my approach my feelings, my art, my journey. I am empathetic. I am a good person to call, you can trust me with anything.  If I can help you, I will give it everything I have. Unfortunately, I don't extend that same brevity and devotion to myself. I'm learning, but I am not there, friends. There are times, I would let myself slip beneath the water and float away rather that live my dreams. Jamie is a life preserver to me. She ALWAYS indirectly "tosses the ring" into the sea and laughs and laughs as she pulls me to shore. "Silly Adrea," she says. "You need to play more!" Jamie teaches me time and time again to open my heart to seeing all of life as a work of art. We are meant to soar. Jamie Ridler, you are a magical being.

Lauren Bell

My soul sister. My Truitt Skye confidante. She's my Tots LaRue (a character in the Truitt Skye series). She is the only one who knows all the secrets of Truitt. I love our brainstorms and Lauren's constant questions!  Her love for me and belief in me as a writer is a constant and profound staple in my life. She was the first "friend" I let read Truitt. I will forever cherish her coming down stairs--she was visiting at the time--for coffee and saying, "It's a real book!" I love that memory. I savor it all the time. Itwas an innocent moment of truth that made me feel that I'd arrived as a writer. Finally.

My marketing mama! Holy crap she kicks my arse! Always nudging me to the edge without pushing me off. She is genius. She is alive. She is so good at this branding, marketing, taking charge of your business and your story. She often gets a blank stare/dead silence from me. She ignores it. I love her for that. I love her for who she is and who she is becoming.

My Loves!

I worship my friends and I have a posse of extraordinary ones. I want to write and write and write about all of them, but I am going to be writing to them, and everyone in this page a letter at some point in the "letters" portion of this site. They all have gifts to share and I want to highlight them and honor them properly. I trust they all know of my endless admiration for them because I know how sappy and sassy I am. I love you: Holly H-P. Nikki K. Shannon B. Nancy F. Kristin F. Inger G. Casey G. Lea N. Suzanne Z. Judy J. Melissa W-V. Ann Marie R. Rory S. Quinn S. Katherine S. Erica W. Cissy C. Hermine S-F. Michelle L. Tricia D. Teff H. Laura H. Bel I. Kathy P. Bonnie J. Lauren J. Deb M. Kate P. Ann P. Kathy O. Ann H. Joyce M. Ritika P. Lakshmi P. Piper A. Rhiannon M. Malaika D. Cilla R. Dan'l A. Madalyn A. Kimm B-D. Jill T. Becky R. Sara B. Tonya T. Camie S. Kelly P-G. Amy R. Amie T-F. As for the men... Craig/Dad P. Scott P. Nathan B. Gerkdaddy, Ed G. Win B. Logan J. Toby K. Toby V. Bill/Becky T. Greg S. Tim S. John S. Francesco S. Rishab R. Clint O. and Jim G.

The People Who Take Care of Me

I could not do what I do with my career and my life without a team of people that make sure I get what I need when I need it. I note this not only because I am deeply grateful for them but because as an entrepreneur, we need a team.  The designer of my book promotion materials, David A. My investment team at Stifel Nicholas, Annie and John. My retirement/SEP team at Fidelity, which started with Drew A. My energy workers, Michelle and Inger. My face, skin, make-up go to's, Mirror Mirror. My tax man, Dave. Our cleaning genius, Kathy L. Our dog sitter, Donna C. My yoga teachers at Burlington Yoga. My barre and pilates studio, All Wellness Vermont. My photographer, Ashley. My hair guru, Amanda.